Monday, January 23, 2017

American Horror Story Inspired Outfits

Outfit One:

Jacket-Ralph Lauren
Top-Victoria's Secret

This first AHS inspired makeup/outfit is from the first season Murder House.
My favorite season (although Coven is too)!

Tate is a very intriguing character, and this particular makeup is shown very briefly in the show. The outfit is also inspired by that scene. I'm trying not to spoil anything if people haven't seen it, because this part is HUGE.
Obviously he does something disturbing and scary. It is American HORROR story after all. But I've always loved this makeup on him. 

Outfit Two:
 Hat-Burlington Coat Factory
Top-Hot Topic
Bag-Dysfunctional Doll

The saying 'On Wednesday's We Wear Black' became a huge internet thing when Coven came out. A Mean Girl's quote twisted to fit the witchy vibes of Coven.
And Hot Topic has the perfect shirt for it. I love the detail on the back!

 Outfit Three

 Umbrella-Burlington Coat Factory

This outfit has American Horror Story written all over it. From the black dress to the knee high boots to the umbrella.
This is Coven.

I remember watching Coven for the first time and I loved the outfits the witches wore. I especially liked the umbrella's. Their's are so cool and decorative. I went with your average everyday umbrella, but I think it still has really cool witchy vibes.

These shots were taken in downtown Phoenix. Not quite New Orleans, but definitely a taste of it.

 What's your favorite season of AHS?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Harry Potter LookBook

Outfit One

 Top- Hot Topic

Outfit Two
 Top- Hot Topic
Skirt- Old Navy
Boots- Doc Marten's

Outfit Three
 Top- Hot Topic
Skirt- Thrifted

Outfit Four
Jacket-Ralph Lauren

It's no secret I love Harry Potter!
I grew up reading them and watching all the films as they came out. I fell in love instantly! 
There's one particular character that I love most though. Luna Lovegood! 

These outfits are all HP inspired. From the 'I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good' shirt, to the Hogwarts long sleeve representing all the houses, to repping my very own house, Ravenclaw! And lastly that gem of a dress. 
The Marauder's map!

Did you spot the Deathly Hallows necklace? 
10 points to Ravenclaw if you did! 

There's a little quirkiness in all of these outfits. 
Blue lipstick, sparklers, chokers, pigtails. 
I've wanted to dress as Luna Lovegood for Halloween for a few years, but have yet to do so. Maybe this year will be the year! All of these outfits have a touch of her 'insanity' (brilliance) in them, I believe. 

Has everyone seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them??
I loved it!!
I seriously cannot wait for the next film to come out! 

Mischief Managed!