Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sailor OOTD


This outfit was very sailor inspired. I've always loved the nautical theme that has been around for a while now. It makes me want to go sailing (although that would be bad because I would probably get sea sick, but I like to pretend). 

The red stripes and the blue skirt really go well together, which I wouldn't have guessed at first glance, but they were hanging up together in my closet and thank goodness for that!! 

You can probably tell it's pretty hot where I live, summer weather if I ever did see it. 

How is it where you are?? Are you still feeling that amazing Spring weather?? Or even Winter?? I can't believe it's snowing in some places still!! I'm wishing it was still sweater weather to be honest. :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tanya Burr 'Chic' Lip Gloss Review


I picked up a couple of Tanya Burr products while I was over in England, and I'm so glad I did! I honestly wish I had bought more of the lip glosses. 'Chic' is a really pretty color. It's a natural peachy/pink color that goes with any makeup look. I think every girl should have a lip color that goes with everything, and this one is it for me.

It's pigmentation is really good and the smell of it is amazing! It's kind of a fruity smell I think, although I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but it's good. 

It glides on really nice and stays on for quite a long time. It's a gloss and not a stain, so of course it's going to come right off if you're eating or drinking, but re-applying is easy peasy. 

What do you guys think of these lip glosses? Any Burr Bears out there? :D 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Peach Festival Fun

 Occasionally there are festivals where I live, and for the month of May there is a Peach Festival going on. I thought it sounded like such a fun idea, and I really did have a great time. 

There was peach everything! Peach picking, peach pie, peach ice cream, peach jam...and more!!

My favorite part is the little stands everywhere, selling unique items like dresses and necklaces. It's fun looking through everything. The sellers are so creative and I honestly wanted to buy all the things!

 And there was a field of sunflowers!! Yay!!

The peach picking was super fun!!! I had never been in an orchard before and picking the fruit off the tree's was really special. 

It was such a great experience, and I'm craving peach ice cream just thinking about i!! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Marzia's 'Three Bows Sweatshirt' OOTD

CutiePieMarzia is a YouTuber that I love so so so much!! When she launched her clothing line I really wanted to buy it all, but my budget only allowed for the sweatshirt. I think it's just the cutest!!

It's obviously versatile, as you can see I've paired it with three different outfits and it works perfectly with all of them! 

It's a really simple sweatshirt with three colorful bows going down the center, and it's wonderful for Spring! :)