Friday, June 28, 2019

Fashion Feature DressLikeMe

Recently an online magazine wrote an article about me!!!

Check it out here:

It highlights a few of my outfits and talks about my style.
I really enjoyed reading it (but...of course I would!)
I would love for you all to take a peek at it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 
I plan on hanging out with my baby boy, reading, and hopefully getting some time in to make some good art!

A new outfit post will be coming in July! I'll see you then! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Outfit

Dress- Her Universe (Hot Topic)
Belt- Amazon
Shoes- Wholesale Fashion Shoes
Lips- Besame Cosmetics "Mickey Mouse Red"

My birthday was on June 14th, and I always go all out for this special day!
I turned 28, but I still love Disney so much, and my favorite Disney movie ever is Alice in Wonderland. If you look very closely at the dress, she's all over it! 

I found this dress (it's actually not a dress. It's a shirt and skirt, but it looks like a dress) from Hot Topic around 2 years ago. I wanted it then, but I had already bought a birthday dress. The next year I wanted a sunflower dress...this year felt right. I love the color pink! So it's just perfect! 

But I actually couldn't find it on Hot Topic, so I had to go straight to the source, Her Universe. They have a website where you can buy stuff, but I've always just gotten it through Hot Topic. They're the people who did my Captain America dress, Winnie the Pooh dress, my other Alice in Wonderland dress... you get it! They fulfill all of my fangirl needs. 

I topped it all off with some red lipstick, and I was ready to celebrate! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Summer Trending Outfits On A Budget

Outfit 1
Bike Shorts-Rue21
Tennis Shoes-Rue21

Let's talk about 2019 summer trends.
It's definitely sporty and fresh!
And I am here for it!

But you don't have to break your bank account to get this look.
A great place I love looking for the newest trendy clothes is Rue21 because they are always on top of the newest fashion, but also extremely affordable.
Let's not forget how popular neon is right now. I love a pop of color, and adding a neon stripe to a pair of bike shorts makes all the difference. 
A huge trend I'm seeing are tennis shoes. I'm a little blown away by how many posts I see on Instagram highlighting shoes just like this. 

Outfit 2
Bike Shorts-Shein

Another great place to get trendy and affordable clothing is Shein. I buy the best stuff from this website, and they have a HUGE selection of clothing.
I can type anything into the search bar and something will show up.
For this top I searched for 'sunflowers' and found the top of my dreams. 
I love sunflowers, and I love my record player and listening to when this shirt popped up I had to get it!

Over-sized tops with a pair of bike shorts is also a popular look I'm seeing on social media a lot, and I wear it when I'm lounging at home, or going out, it's a great look. 
I paired it with my white tennis shoes, and put a few braids in my hair for a nice boho and easy hairstyle. 

What are your favorite summer trends this year??

Friday, April 26, 2019

Captain America OOTD

 Dress- Hot Topic
Boots- Docs
Lips- Besame 'Mickey Mouse Red'

Yesterday I saw End Game, and I LOVED it.
Never fear though, I will not be spoiling anything here in this blog post, because this is all about what I wore.

Hot Topic always does really cool clothing collections for anything pop culture related, and Avengers is no different. They dropped their End Game line and I wanted it all! 
But I settled on this fantastic jersey dress.
It's not a BAM in your face cosplay, but more of a subtle...Hello Avengers fan's I am here for Captain America because he's my favorite! :D

I paired it with my tried and true white docs and a killer red lip. 

I would love to know who your favorite Avenger is! 
And I can't wait for everyone to see the movie!