Saturday, August 3, 2019

Retro Stage Vintage Dresses Review

1950's Polka Dot Dress-Retro Stage
Sandals-Wholesale Fashion Shoes
Tennis Shoes-Rue21

I recently did a video reviewing a website called Retro Stage, and shortly after posting it they reached out to me and asked if they could send me a couple dresses. I was super excited about it because I loved the first dress I bought!!

This polka dot dress is the cutest ever!! I love it so much, and I have a big love for 1950's inspired clothing. The fit of this dress is perfect, and I paired it with two different shoes.

The first is a classic pair of white heel sandals. I wear these a ton in the summer!

Then I paired it with plain white tennis shoes and ankle socks. This gave me the opportunity to jump and run! 
Because that's what you're supposed to do in dresses, right?? 

Gray 1920's Fringe Gatsby Dress-Retro Stage
Heels-I can't remember where I got these...maybe Burlington. I have no idea.

The second dress I chose is this amazing 1920's inspired dress!
I love The Great Gatsby, and this dress is perfect for that!
If you are looking to dress up like you're going to a party at Gatsby's, then Retro Stage is the website for you!

There are a ton of different 20's inspired dresses, but I love the fringe on this dress!! When walking or dancing or running or whatever movement you do, this dress looks stunning!! The fringe sways and it's just gorgeous!

I have a coupon you can use to get 15% off!! I'm super excited about this!
Just use the code: CHRISTINA
On the website!

I did a video where you can see both of these dresses in action!
Check that out here! 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunflower Summer Outfit


I'm almost positive every summer I have at least one OOTD based around sunflowers.
I can't help it! I go onto every clothing stores website and search sunflowers and all the best clothes pop up!

This year I found this sunflower shirt on shein, and the price was right so I bought it!
The skirt is an oldy but a goody! It's a whimsical one and will probably be in my closet forever.
The boots are special because I got them while I was in London years ago.

Lately I've been pairing combat boots with super girly (for lack of a better word) outfits.
I guess I've always done this, but lately it's been every outfit.

At the end of this shoot my baby boy woke up from a nap, so I grabbed him and snapped some pics, and he is just the cutest baby ever!!

Anyway, I'm not actually the biggest fan of summer, and it goes on and on and on and on. Never-ending heat! But there are fun things, like pools and popsicles and...I'm sure there are other good things.

Fall will be here before I know it though (hopefully, right??).

Friday, July 19, 2019

Flower Crown and White Dress OOTD Ft. Dolls Kill

Dress-Dolls Kill

July 16th was our 8 year wedding anniversary!!
Time has really flown by!
So for this special occasion, I wore a special outfit, of course!
I really wanted it to be unique and vintage but also fairy but also classy...

I snagged this dress off of Dolls Kill which gives me 70's/80's vibes, with the padded shoulder's look, and the fabric is really unique and eye-catching.

The flower crown has all the fairy vibes! I swear I'll be wearing flower crowns until the day I die!
And a little class with the heels...kind of...are pink heels classy?
I felt very ladylike in them.

I did some crazy curls in my hair and had some super colorful nails.
It's a totally summer look! I love white cotton dresses for summertime.
And when I say summer, I mean over 100 degree weather where I live. It's insanity!

And look how stinking cute Jason is!!! He's more fashionable than I am.

We had a lovely time at The Melting Pot, and we ended the day with some champagne to celebrate.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Fashion Feature DressLikeMe

Recently an online magazine wrote an article about me!!!

Check it out here:

It highlights a few of my outfits and talks about my style.
I really enjoyed reading it (but...of course I would!)
I would love for you all to take a peek at it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 
I plan on hanging out with my baby boy, reading, and hopefully getting some time in to make some good art!

A new outfit post will be coming in July! I'll see you then!