Friday, June 15, 2018

Sunflower OOTD

 Dress- Papaya
Shoes- Amazon

Yesterday was my 27th birthday, and sunflowers are my favorite, and I stumbled across this dress while on instagram, and it was the perfect birthday dress! 

I paired it with brown oxfords, which I had no idea existed! Did you know oxfords come in all different colors...even pink!!
They're my favorite type of shoe and they go with practically everything. 

Jason gifted me sunflowers, so it made a perfect prop! 

For my birthday we saw Incredibles 2, and I was not disappointed! I loved it! Jack-Jack is my new favorite! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


 Top- Guess
Backpack- Guess
Heels- Gifted
Necklace- Gifted

I went all out with Guess didn't I?
I love black & red, and this top and backpack work so well together.
I was gifted these heels on Christmas from my mom, and they go with the backpack. Both have roses. Both are black and red. Both are adorable! 
I love the rose trend that's been going on, and I hope it sticks around for a while! 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Thrift Shop Outfit's

Polka Dots

 Dress- Savers
Shoes- Hot Topic
Belt: Amazon
Lips- Kylie Cosmetics 'Red Hot'

All the vintage feels with this look! 
The polka dot print and saddle shoes make the perfect outfit. 


Dress- Goodwill
Flower Crown- Hand Made
Shoes- Wholesale Fashion Shoes

This bright yellow really brings me into the Spring/Summer season's. So bright!
Jason calls this eye shadow look my 'mermaid' look. I like it a lot!
And the white sandal's make it classy and playful. 


Dress- Savers
Shoes- Modcloth
Hat- Shein
Necklace- Hebel Design
Lips- Kylie Cosmetics 'Grape Soda'

I have been obsessed with this lip color lately. 
And I love pairing orange with purple.

All of these dresses were found in thrift shops, and were super affordable! 
Thrifting is the best because you never know what you'll find. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Hey Arnold OOTD

Hey Arnold
 Top- Rue21
Shorts- Burlington Coat Factory
Boots- Dr. Martens
Sunglasses: Forever21

Hey Arnold is one of the best cartoons ever made.

I used to think that as a kid, and I definitely stand by that even to this day.
I loved Hey Arnold so much.

This top is from Rue21, and it's actually a men's top.
I'm a big fan of over-sized shirts, and the best ones are in the men's section. 
Helga and Arnold on the arms is just the cutest!

I'm wearing 'Grape Soda' by Kylie Cosmetic's on my lips, which is another favorite of mine. It's super unique. And my favorite shoes to pull it all together. :)

The sunglasses are from Forever21. That's where I get most of my sunglasses, and people have told me they look like they'd be expensive.
10 bucks.
I throw these shades in my bag, and no way would I spend a ton of money on something that could brake so easily.
The sunglasses section in Forever21 can look a little crazy, but if you spend some time looking, I think you'll find a pair you love.