Monday, February 26, 2018

The Strawberry Inn - Travel Arizona

 There was this one time I spotted this extremely cute inn in Strawberry Arizona (the littlest town EVER) and I immediately wanted to stay a night. 
And it finally happened! 

Look at it! It's so eye catching and welcoming. I was enchanted the moment I stepped out of the car and walked up to our room. 
Room 5 to be exact. 
All of the rooms are slightly different from each other. I specifically wanted Room 5. 
It was perfect. 

 Jason promptly asked me if I intentionally matched the building.
No. That was accidental, but that's not so far-fetched. 
I'm a little extra...but I'm not that extra! 

Hat- Rue21
Dress- Amazon
Shoes- Uggs

The first thing I wanted to do was take a ton of pics. Because...look how cute! I'm going to keep saying it. It's one of the cutest places ever! 

We went to the best antique shop I've ever been to. It was like walking into Wonderland. That's what I kept saying anyway. 
I think Jason thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to make our home an antique shop. 
This was just that. A home turned into an antique shop. Its called Fancy Finds and is a short drive from The Strawberry Inn. 

 I definitely picked up a few things there, including one of those adorable chubby bunnies! 
This antique shop had an abundance of bunnies. I loved it!

Next we ate.
Oddly enough, the internet was down when we arrived, and it caused all the places to take cash only, so we had to drive back to Payson for cash and just ate there. We were super hungry!
We ate at Gerardo's Firewood Cafe. SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! 

 Then we went back to the inn and listened to the podcast Serial and worked on a puzzle. This place is great for a relaxing vacation.  

The next morning we went to The Early Bird. 
They have the best pancakes!! 

 And we ended our trip at another antique store where I spotted this sunflower. It was a great trip, and I'd definitely do it again. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lazy Oaf Valentine's Day OOTD & Art of Ice Cream Experience

 Dress- Lazy Oaf
Shoes- Hot Topic
Lipstick-"Russian Red' Mac


Here is my second Valentine's Day look.
Check out my Vampy Vday look here!

This is my super girly Valentine's Day look, and it wouldn't be complete without a Lazy Oaf dress. I am totally in love with this pink dress. The little red bow detail is what really drew me to it. And the location for this photo shoot had me smiling and feeling so incredibly happy. It's basically an ice cream art exhibit, and I loved it! I was completely enchanted with it, and I wanted that giant ice cream cone to take home! 

I paired this dress with my saddle shoes, which is one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own,  
and some red lipstick to bring the whole look together. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Vampy Valentine's Day Makeup & Outfit

 Hat-Burlington Coat Factory

For this Valentine's Day I'm going to be doing 2 different looks, starting with this one.
I really like the idea of wearing something dark for Valentine's Day, but also something super girly, so I'll have a post for both!

I love this black vintage inspired dress, and with some black lipstick this is A LOOK! 
If you are feeling edgy and vampy this Valentine's Day then this will be perfect for you.