Monday, September 29, 2014

I Heart Instagram!

I was tagged by the lovely Gems of Fashion, Well Done to do the 'I Heart Instagram' tag, which is fitting considering how much I really do love instagram!! :D Thanks so much for tagging me, lovely!

What's your Instagram handle?
It is @chrisimonton. My first name is Christina and my last name is Simonton but @christinasimonton is way too long so I dropped the tina.

How many accounts do you follow?

How many followers do you have?
Around 730 wonderful people follow me.
What are your favorite hashtags?
 #bbloggers #fbloggers #bunny but mostly that bunny one. Super cute pics come along with that hashtag! 

How often do you post?
 As often as I want...I really don't know. Sometimes I post 3 times a day, and sometimes I don't post at all for 3 days. Just depends on how I'm feeling.

How often do you check your Instagram feed?

What is your favorite filter? 
When I first started using instagram I used filters so much, and now I don't use them at all unless I want the pic to be black & white. 

Smartphone purist or rebel? 
 Uh...really don't care. Haha :) But I use a Smartphone!

Favourite 3 IG accounts?
@anniep1124 -Has amazing jewelry pics!
@stylincafe -Amazing outfit inspo!
@emmaroberts -Beautiful actress who happens to be on American Horror Story!

I love all of my fellow blogger instagram accounts too!


  1. Wow you have a lot of Instagram followers! I've only really gotten into using it for the last month and a half or so, but I really enjoy it! That cat picture is adorable, by the way. :)

    x Sneha |

  2. Absolutely hearting your I <3 Instagram tag lovely! And OMG Luna! How gorgeous is she?! My eyes are looking like the ones on the heart eyes emoji haha ;) All your photos are so innovative and magical, you always go the extra mile and make them that much more special and stand-out.

    I love how you hardly use filters, it shows how wonderful and professional your IG shots are naturally. I'm always so happy to see your nail designs, the colours are nothing but beautiful and the rings are always so stylish :) Really, really loving your black and white photo, so artistic and beautifully shot! If my memory serves me correctly Jason commented that you were gorgeous and boy was he right! ;) I'm still in awe of how amazing your WTJ vlog was, and the same goes for how vivid and mood-lifting your last post on Lush's Fizzbanger was! I'm also so glad it's not just me on IG constantly ;) :D Lovely, lovely answers Christina, just perfect! <3

    Sophie | soinspo

    1. Haha Luna is just funny. I have the best pics of her! :D I shared that one so long ago on my instagram!

      Ah, yes, Jason did say that :) He reallllyyy liked that pic! I'm definitely on instagram way too much! I just like looking at pics and taking pics too much! :D I'm glad you liked it! <3

  3. LOVE this tag and enjoyed reading your answers and checking out your account ;)

    Em x
    The Design Disciple
    Facebook // Twitter // Bloglovin

  4. Yay, you did it and we got some cute kitty gymnastics, that was just what I was hoping for. And tell me, should I read and watch the Hunger Games? I have a biased opinion because I read Battle Royale when I was about 20 and loved it and then saw the movie and loved that too. Now I think that the Hunger Games, will just be a less creative, Hollywood, special effects loaded version of that. So I need to know if I should watch???

    I love your Instagram and loved reading the answers, I'm so glad I tagged you :) Its great you don't really use filters, I try not too, but sometimes (morning pics mostly) I need to disguise those eye bags of mine. You're a lovely girl, beautiful inside and out and it amazes me how you get that across in your pictures. So much personality it just bubbles over :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. Haha kitty gymnastics :D Hmmm...maybe just watch the movies? Mockingjay, in my opinion, sucked. Was a really boring ending to a great story! Hopefully the movie does better!

      Thank you so much for tagging me! It was fun answering all of the questions. :D

  5. I love Instagram ! Great article !

  6. I ♥ this post. cool answers ( 736 followers? wow cool ;) #bunny #blogging? cutie & nice) Thank you for tagging me, i just did it too.
    x Rita

  7. Such lovely answers! My instagram is @a_daawg if you want to have a look! Your photos are gorgeous

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Hey Amy! I already follow you :) And I love your instagram! <3

  8. Such an awesome tag! I love instagram, one of my favorite sites <3 I'm constantly updating and liking everything.

    Chelsea//The Social Rundown


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