Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Haul

I received quite a few things for my home for Christmas this year, so I thought it was about time I did a home haul! 

My mom got me all of this wonderful sunflower stuff! I especially love the sunflower clock! It's so pretty and so me! And the sunflower bowls are just adorable.

I have an obsession with mugs. 
And The Wizard of Oz. 
And Starbucks. 
The jar cups are a new favorite! Love them!

 Those little coke salt & pepper shakers are the cutest! And the camera picture holders were a perfect addition to my house.

I stumbled upon the Alice in Wonderland wall decor in Hobby Lobby and could not be happier about it! 


  1. I love that sunflower clock, so adorable! :)

  2. Some pretty cute stuff you got there Christina! I love that sunflower clock, it's so adorable <3 I also have an obsession with mugs but it's getting a bit out of control haha I have no more room to store them!

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  3. So happy you've done a home haul Christina! You look like such a beautiful babe throughout the video, love how you've done your hair and you're rocking a pretty lace ootd! The coke salt and pepper shakers are unbelievably cute. I love them so much! Even cuter that they were a gift from your grandparents ^_^

    Buh buh buh I thought you hated sunflowers Christina?! Haha ;) Aww, seriously the sunflower clock is an absolute beauty and was perfectly made for you. And I'm in love with all the gorgeous sunflower shots. So, so stunning! And I adore how you matched your polka dot nails to your jar cups. Your IG shot is pure perfection! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. Such a lovely little haul - that sunflower clock!!! *insert heart-eyed emoji* So cute and so very you! :)

    Lauren xx

  5. Those photo holders are incredible and love Alice in Wonderland! Also, wish I could find those mason jar mugs in our shops, they look so practical and cute :) xx Maja

  6. You got the cutest things ever oh my god! :D
    I love the mason jars and the coca cola bottles.
    I would be really interested to see how you decorate your place with these items.


  7. the cups and the camrea things are adorable

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  9. Beautiful pictures! <3

  10. You got some lovely things x


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