Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trying New Things

 Story Time!!!

I don't ever do posts like this, but I'm keeping with the theme of trying out new why not a new kind of post???

So this story starts with me playing the french horn I guess?? Weird. I know. I can't imagine it either. But I was a younger version of myself and thought the french horn looked cool, and still to this day I can pick it out in songs and hear how absolutely beautiful it is. If you know what it sounds like then you know! Right?? It's that really clear smooth trumpet sounding instrument, but it's way better than the trumpet (sorry trumpet). 

Well, I quit playing it because 1) a horrible music teacher and 2) I had no passion for it. 
When I picked it up all I could think was 'this thing is huge and heavy and impossible to play! I have no skills with this!'

Fast forward to me wanting to play an instrument so I can sing on my YouTube channel? What? I don't know. That's the idea. Maybe do a cover? 
But I don't have a guitar and I tried learning that once and it was not fun! I didn't want to learn all the things. 
Strum like this. Here's the name of the strings...blah blah blah. I just wanted to play a song.

It never occurred to me that I could teach myself and also that I might just learn differently. If it's not fun and I'm not creating right away I don't want to do it! And a lot of people would say 'then you'll never learn anything Christina'. 


Not true. 

Yesterday I found a ukulele in our house. I think it's my father-in-laws.
I thought 'well I could try to learn this but I'll hate it.' 
Also trying new things can seem really freaking difficult. I can't remember the last time I tried something I thought I would fail at.
Have you done that recently?
I honestly thought I would try and get flustered and fail.

But I tried. 
And guess what???
I can play a whole song.
And it's not Mary Had A Little Lamb. LOL
It's an actual song that I love and when my husband came home I said LISTEN!!

And he listened to me play the song horribly and I felt so proud of myself!
It took 2 hours.
I thought I would fail. But what do you know??

I can now play the ukulele. 
And I'm on OK singer. So maybe someday I'll do a song on my YouTube for fun.
My mom would love that.

What have you tried recently that you thought you would fail at?



  1. that's so cute! I'm currently trying to play the harmonica so I can do a youtube cover too lol

  2. Aww love this post so bad! Ukuleles are just the most gorgeous invention ever and how cool you found such a cute one and managed to play an amazing song on it? Yaaaaay! Love the sunflower too, so you! Such a cool thing to try out something new, and it'll be amazing if you do a song on your channel, I thought the Instagram vid you posted was the sweetest thing; you've got an amazing voice Christina! Go GIRL! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. Cute hat! And I love that shade of lipstick :)


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