Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Sweaters!

 Who is ready to get into the Christmas spirit??? 
This year during July thrift stores were having a 'Christmas in July' special and I went crazy! A lot of these sweaters were from thrift stores, and I love them. Particularly that 'Bite Me' sweater. 
The 'Meowy Christmas' sweater is from Walmart and the Penguin and Reindeer sweaters are from KMart.
Do you still have KMart's where you live?? They've got great Christmas sweaters! 

You can find the full LookBook below! 


  1. Love all your different looks and hairstyles! The Christmas sweaters are awesome and lots of fun! You are adorable and very sweet in this!

  2. love the christmas jumpers!

  3. Thanks, Lovely Sweaters. All are Very Attractive & Useful. If you want to tour a la india from chile. see here.


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