Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring Style!

 Top-Wet Seal
Pants-Wet Seal

 Romper-Wet Seal
Hat- Wet Seal
Jacket- Ralph Lauren

 Dress-Wet Seal

Wow. Christina you love Wet Seal!? 
I guess Wet Seal is closing, and they were having a massive sale to get rid of everything, so I snatched up a ton of stuff from the sale and had Spring in mind. 
Especially that first outfit. All the spring vibes! The striped pants and off the shoulder top is all I want to wear this Spring. It is so comfortable and cute!

That second outfit is what I would call a transitional outfit from Winter to Spring, as it has Winter colors but the design of that Romper makes me think of hotter weather...and boy do I live in a place where there is no shortage of scorching hot weather. 

And the third outfit is more of a sporty 'let's go outside and have some fun' style. Matching the converse with the style of that dress seemed to go perfectly together. Putting my hair in a milkmaid braid made it even more spring. In my head braids are for Spring...right? 

Anytime I do that hairstyle people like it a lot, so I'm thinking I should probably do a tutorial for it? 
Perhaps it'll be on my YouTube sometime this Spring!

For now though, it's actually raining outside...raining!! In the midst of me writing this post about Spring. Strange.
It never rains here!
Spring showers bring May flowers! 


  1. Wow, I love all this outfit! You look so amazing in all of them. I really love the way you match the different lipsticks, all of those colors are a dream tbh!
    Records of my Troubles

  2. You dress like a pro and all the colors you are wearing are stupendous. Some real fashion sense you ooze! And the color of lipstick that goes with it complements the dresses.


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