Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Found My Coke Name & FOTD (Killing It With Kisses)

Finally!!! I have been waiting for this moment for a year! I couldn't find it last summer, and my husband just found it! (It's a Coke Zero...forever wishing it was on the original Coke...but let's not be too picky). When I finally got my hands on this beauty I knew it was time for a photo shoot because chances are I will never find my name again! 

Shirt-Stolen from husband
Suspenders- Stolen from husband


You guy's didn't think I would do this intense makeup look and not tell you what I'm wearing, right?? 

Foundation-Bourjois Healthy Mix
Concealer-Rimmel Wake Me Up
Powder-Loreal True Match
Eye Shadow-Revlon 'Sand'
Eye Liner-Maybelline Gel Eye Liner
Mascara-Rimmel Wonderlash
Lips-Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner 'Restless' Lipstick
Highlight-Physician's Formula Mineral Glow Pearls
Blush-elf blush Quad in 'Dark'
Bronzer-Too Faced 'Chocolate Soliel'

I went heavy on the eye liner for this cat eye...and I kinda love it!


I've seen that Coke is doing some commercial's about cyber bullying and I think it's awesome!! Cyber bullying, and any bullying, can be so so so harmful to people. 
Let's all be nice because I know how much words can hurt...
I'm all for 'Killing It With Kisses'. Being kind. Always loving. All that jazz. :) 
(These are song lyrics from Florence + The Machine's 'Dog Days Are Over')

P.S. I think I'm ready for my modeling campaign with Coke ;) This is not a sponsored post peeps. I just really like my name on the bottle haha.


  1. OMG this is too damn awesome Christina! Looking like the beautiful, stunning rockstar you are in these super street pics. Such a fab shoot. SO happy you found your name on a coke bottle. They leave all the best names out for too long I swear ;) Starbucks would never do that if they had their own name bottles :D Your make-up is stunning as always; love your perfect red lip (always so perfect on you) and your fierce eye MU! It's all so rad, I love it. Reckless is also such a pretty shade for lipstick. Loving it! And you're a model for SURE! Coke are gonna snap you up when you and your model behaviour. SO gorgeous!

    Such a beautiful post, full of meaningfulness and truth too. I love what you said about bullying, you're so right, it's so harmful and words can hurt. You're an inspiration to us all! Love you babe <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. Hi hun, I love the anti-cyber bullying photos! Bullying of any kind is so awful and can really mess up a persons self confidence. You look lovely here too- you are a total master of the winged eye! And I am suddenly craving coke now, particularly one with my name on it

    Rachel xx

  3. Fab photos! I love your lipstick!


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