Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Travel Diary: Flagstaff Trip - OOTD & Everything Else

What do ya know we made another trip to Flagstaff.
We do this a lot.

Starting off with the bits and bobs I bought while there. We stopped in at Barnes & Noble and I spotted this Alice in Wonderland coloring book straight off. I ran to it. Enough said.
That thing in the right corner is a tin box full of miniature perfumes that all smell delicious. Honestly, they're intoxicating. One whiff and I was sold on the whole ordeal. Gimme all the little perfumes (I think I like them because they're so teeny tiny too). 
Lastly is the Flagstaff sticker. I'm thinking I should just wear it on my forehead so people know where my mind is at. I'm over there with the Flagstaff people, where the dreamers go. 

This is not what we expected the weather to be. When I looked up the weather it said that there would be some light (ok it said severe) wind. Wind=Snow. Apparently.

Jeans-Burlington Coat Factory

These murals are everywhere in Flagstaff, and I am in love with them! I feel like I'm in Wonderland, surrounded by some questionable and lovely characters (I think they're all mad).

Some of these pics were taken with my phone, so the quality isn't there, but the story is.
It started snowing. And we weren't expecting that and it was rather cold...as you can see Jason was a little uncomfortable, and although I was having a fun time laughing at it all I was also freezing my bum off. 
So we popped into a diner and got some coffee and hot chocolate. The mug I got was a little odd, and I was confused. After some thought I guess it means that whoever gave up that mug loved their miniature horses. So...that's good. 

There is a candy store that is amazing! 
Unfortunately we didn't get any candy while there...so this pic is here for no reason other than I like chocolate. 

Look at what was in the Barnes & Noble. The salesman was like, "You should listen to the cast album."

And I was all like, "Let's sing one of the songs! Farmer Refuted?? I'll take the rap part!"

I didn't say that. But you get it. 

And we found our future home!
This was a 'Playhouse' for children way back in the day. Because nothing says fun like a rundown shack. 

It was a great trip! 

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