Monday, May 16, 2016

Peach Festival at Schnepf Farms

We went to the Peach Festival this last Sunday. We had gone last year and it was super fun, so we went again!

And boy was it hot. It felt like we were walking around in an oven, I was cooking! 
And I'm sunburned. So is the husband. But it was fun! 
Arizona really needs to cool it though! 

There are sunflower fields at Shcnepf Farms (that's the location, if you live in Arizona then you may have heard of it. They do a bunch of stuff around Halloween time too).  And I was definitely drawn to the field. So pretty! We're growing some sunflowers in our backyard, and I'm so excited for them to bloom. 

And here's the main event.
Peach Picking!
We picked quite a few, and we made all the peach things. 
Peach Cobbler.
Peach Tea.
Peach Ice Cream. 


There was a snow cone to cool off with. We got watermelon flavored. Tasty!

And all the peach sampling. Bet you never knew they could make so many peachy things. I sure didn't. Peach salsa, peach syrup, peach rings, peach taffy, peach granola...and the list goes on! 

If you live near Shcnepf Farms I highly recommend it. But I did warn you about the heat, right? :D 

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I love your outfit! Hope you had a lovely time ♥
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