Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fall Maternity OOTD

 30 weeks pregnant!

Hat- Shein
Dress- Shein
Boots- Rue21
Bag- Shein

I've got a baby bump for sure now!
I felt like getting all cute the other day, and this is the outfit I came up with. It finally feels like fall where I live, so I had to wear this outfit while the weather lasts. 

I love how old fashioned this dress looks, and the mustard color is just gorgeous!
I decided to do some crazy curls and a nude lip with a pop of yellow eye shadow. 

Not too long until we meet our little monster.
I had a doctor's appointment today, and the girl asked if Jack always moves so much because she couldn't catch his heart beat for very long because he was moving soooo much.
He does.
He moves constantly! Crazy little dude! 


  1. The bow, rows of ruffles, mustard yellow colour of your Shein dress are very pretty, and so are your hair, winged eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. the colour of your nailpolish contrasts with and complements the colour of your dress very nicely. I love the outfit photos and OOTD video.

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