Saturday, March 22, 2014

What's In My Bag?

Do you ever wonder what's in my bag? 
I didn't think so.
But here I am showing you anyway! 

There's a couple odd things why would I have Midol PM in my bag? Do I often need that? Am I out at night and think that it would be a good time to take it and fall asleep wherever I am? No. 
It actually has Ibuprofen in it in case I get a headache, which happens a lot. 
That little eos thingy is a hand lotion. I love it! Have you tried it?
The bag that says Golla is my camera case and it usually holds my camera, but I was holding the camera to take the picture. The bag has splotches of paint all over it because after I'm done with a painting that I'm giving away I like to take a picture. At that point my hands are covered in paint. 
And then there's the Dr Pepper lip balm. Probably the most eccentric item in my bag. I don't even know how to explain it. I have never used it and I don't remember where it came from, but I love Dr Pepper so I like it in my purse.

Do you have any weird things in your bag that you won't take out for no reason? 
It's not just me, right? 

How was everyone's week? 



  1. my bag is always packed full of things that i don't need! I guess it's time to only take necessities x

  2. Nice post!

  3. I love handbag posts! I dare not do one though - it would be about four times the size of most people's! I can't leave home without the ktichen sink it would seem!

    1. I know a few people who carry their whole lives with them it seems! :) Nothing wrong with that.

  4. oh those sunglasses are so cute ! would love a pair of them

    hope we can follow each other :D
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    If you’d like, I’ll follow you back :) Bloggers should support each other x

  5. Just done the same sort of post but my bag is a bit more out of control

  6. Replies
    1. I try not to as well! I don't think it's working haha :)

  7. Who doesn't have some Rimmel Kate Moss lippies in their bag? They're fantastic!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  8. haha yes I have a couple of really random things in my bag!
    I love your sunglasses.

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you! The sunglasses are from Old Navy :)

  9. Those sunnies are so cute!

  10. That's the cutest little bag for your chapsticks and lipsticks!



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